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about our company


One of the leading consultants in design, supervision, and project management in the UAE, Abdul Rahim Architecture Consultants (ARACO) has industry experience spanning over thirty years.
A diversified portfolio covers a number of successful developments, including residential multi-storey towers and villas, commercial buildings, hospitality projects, and industrial projects. With strict compliance to local and international construction standards and a strong belief in transparent business ethics, ARACO maintains strong client loyalty and establishes strong, new relationships. ARACO’s diverse, the multicultural team conceptualized creative, efficient designs that are robust and adaptable, requiring minimum maintenance, while maximizing the lifespan and long-term customer satisfaction.

Our Services

Our clients benefit from our in-depth regional and local knowledge combined with deep experience in design standards and international best practice. Our team of highly talented architects has designed and managed projects that vary from small private villas to large residential and commercial development complexes.


Our concept team will understand the client’s specific requirements and needs and then transform them into space efficient and well-organized floor plans and 3d models. Then, they will detail these drawings incorporating Mechanical Electrical Plumbing systems and structural design to present the client with highly comprehensive architectural drawings.

Our team of highly knowledgeable mechanical engineers will advise the client on and recommend highly efficient systems that meet his requirements and budget.  Our mechanical and electrical engineering team work closely together to provide sustainable design solution which produce healthy buildings avoiding useless energy consumption and the depletion of natural resources.

Extensive experience in designing electrical systems for new constructions, renovations and commercial projects. Our designers and engineers collaborate on all projects to deliver smart, cost-effective and high quality service, with their high level of teamwork executing projects with maximum efficiency in a relatively short turnaround time.

Structural engineering is based on the laws of physics and practical knowledge of the structural performance of different building materials. Our experienced structural engineers assess, analyze and recommend the client on which model to use and they work closely with the architects to ensure that the most effective structural system is executed. Our expertise and experience in the field ensures our projects conform to international and local standards in terms of safety, serviceability and sturdiness

We offer a wide range of urban planning and development services, such as community planning, urban design, master planning, regional planning, environmental planning, site assessment and site engineering. Our experts ensure projects and architectural solutions are both economically viable and environmentally friendly.

Each space in every project is designed to perfection, using the latest advancements architecture. From perfect floors to flawless ceilings, each design is unique in its own way. Based on client’s requirements the interior design team will advise in which styles, colors, and features to adapt and then present the client with highly detailed rendering.
Our Interior design team’s experience ranges from private villas and Luxury showrooms to five star hotels.

Throughout the project life cycle our dedicated project managers will make sure that all project stages are completed on time, within budget, minimum possible cost and complied with quality standards. Mechanism of communication and coordination between our project managers, architects, and contractors will enable proper feedback process to insure that all project issues are resolved smoothly and appropriately.

Our site supervision team has an extensive knowledge of all engineering disciplines and they are trained to reserve our client’s interests in terms of time, cost, quality, health and safety during all the project life cycle.
Onsite, our experienced project managers will make sure that the designs are executed as planned by frequent site visits and continuous follow up with the contractors.




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