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MILIPOL International EST. is a 100% UAE National establishment with very qualified management and long experience in the trading field, and it has been established more than 70 years ago, that time it was considered one of the most important and oldest practitioners of business and it is now an extension and continuation of a long history of general trading activity inside the country.

In 1993, Milipol International establishment appeared in UAE with a name that reflects its field of expertise in Defense and Security (military-police) and it aimed to contribute to the provision and supply of all the sophisticated technologies in the field of defense, security, and logistics which will help in the develop, serve, maintain the typical and de-sired security and stability.

To achieve these goals, Milipol sought and still seeking to research and link with the best international suppliers from around the world in line with the diversification of sources strategy pursued by the country. Milipol has made many relations and entered into agreements with world leader suppliers in Defense and Security. Milipol became a representative and a partner for a huge number of defense and security military manufacturers, and that reflected its positive contribution to both the national economy and modern technology transfer.

In order to carry out its obligations as a representative for those suppliers and as a provider of equipment to satisfy its customers and end-users, Milipol employed a high-quality team with extensive experience in the field of Defense and Security which are able to study the requirements and to search for the optimum solutions to meet the requirements.

Milipol contributes to the provision of all forms of support for the customers through the provision of consultancy services, studies, and recommendations for the required solutions and to keep the customers in light of the latest defense technologies.

In pursuit of following the technological advances and providing all modern and sophisticated technologies, Milipol is keen to attend all global defense and security exhibitions. Milipol is a Trace member (Transparency International organization).

Milipol Is a registered company in the US Department of Defense, in order to Transfer and sell ammunition and equipment (broker K.6032) Milipol is registered in the ministry of defense as an official supplier. Milipol is registered in the Ministry of Interior.

  • To be a link

    Milipol aims to be a link between the end user and the manufacturer

  • To provide assistance

    To continue providing all sophisticated technologies

Our Objectives

  • To establish trust

    Maintain the cooperation and the mutual trust with the costumers and manufacturers

  • To be feasible

    Provide appropriate solutions according to the specific budget

Our Activities include...

  • Weapons of various calibers
  • Training weapons
  • Weapons for anti-riot and homeland security
  • Self-defense weapons
  • Weapons simulators
  • Weapons spare parts
  • Maintenance and cleaning kits and ultrasound machines
  • Weapons disassembly and assembly and calibration tools
  • Stores for all kinds of weapons
  • Weapon towers and weapon control stations
  • Electronic control system for weapon inventory
  • Weapons cameras
  • Shooting ranges

  • Various caliber ammunition
  • Training ammunition and simulators
  • Anti riot and homeland security ammunition
  • Grenades / Fuses / trip flares / mines
  • Fixed and mobile ammo boxes and stores
  • Ammunition security and control equipment (doors, locks and control of temperature and humidity)
  • Control system to gain access to the ammunition + inventory

  • Ordinary and thermal binoculars for different uses and sizes, weapons binoculars, binocular spare parts and lenses
  • Laser range finders, laser indicators and pointers for dif-fere/ kinds of weapons, Laser designators for smart ammunition
  • Thermal and optical cameras, infrared cameras, individual cameras for helmets on chest, platform thermal cameras for long-range survey, vehicles cameras, Cameras to monitor important and sensitive constructions, Internal surveillance cameras, Cameras for the vehicle inspection, Cameras for hazardous materials and parcels detection
  • Compasses, Theodolite, GPS, inertial navigation devices, site detection devices, mapping tools
  • Guns, sites and sniper detection devices, camera and optical lenses detection devices
  • Land, naval and air monitoring radars and artillery radars
  • Through the wall detection radar
  • Infiltrators and hackers detection cameras and radars

  • Personnel inspection
  • Bags and packages inspection
  • Vehicles, trucks, ships and planes inspection
  • Offices and warehouses inspection
  • Explosives, hazardous materials and handmade drugs detectors
  • Portable, fixed and vehicle-mounted chemical, bio-logical, radiological and nuclear detection devices
  • Fingerprint and iris checking devices
  • Vehicles plate inspection cameras
  • Containers inspection devices
  • Forged documents detection devices

  • UAVs for surveillance, detection, imaging and supply
  • Unmanned underwater vehicles for imaging and detection
  • Ground robots for detection of suspicious materials and for tactical monitoring, handling and transfer hazardous materials, supply and logistics purposes.

  • Tactical Training Services

Our Clients...